YOUR VIEW: Don’t leave us in the dark

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I welcome the introduction of LED street lights by the county council.

They will certainly reduce electricity consumption and the environmental and financial costs to rate payers.

Maintenance costs will also be reduced as LEDs should last significantly longer than traditional street lights.

I do, however, agree with concerns that the decision to turn off so many lamps overnight in densely populated areas is a step too far.

If this had been suggested 10 years ago as an environmental measure, Tory councillors would have mocked it as a crazy eco-warrior fantasy.

Now, they themselves present it as an unavoidable necessity caused by the faux austerity agenda driven by the Tories in Westminster.

With electricity prices relatively low at the moment, a rolling programme of replacing traditional street lights with dimmable LEDs would allow costs to be reduced gradually, without leaving us completely in the dark.

Once again, the county appears to be spoiling the ship for a hap’orth of tar.