YOUR VIEW: Don’t just let Spalding town centre rot

Spalding town centre
Spalding town centre
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I read with interest your report in the Free Press (March 28) about South Holland District Council hoisting the white flag for the proposed expansion for Springfields Shopping Outlet.

Firstly, the ongoing housing development plan for South Holland will bring thousands of homes which are planned to be built over the next three decades, bringing more people, more cars and the greater need for added infrastructure and amenities.

With more retail provision allocated in the emerging South East Lincolnshire Local Plan, it will be good for our local economy and jobs for local people and surrounding areas.

But secondly, what about Spalding I ask? What has happened to the development plan for Holland Market, what happened to the proposal 
regarding a new sports facility for all. What happened to the big idea for the town centre and the plan for developing the Market Place. Also the plan for a new bus station to be nearer the town centre. Why take so long? Or has it all been binned?

Traders in Spalding town centre are bound to be concerned for their future and business when the footfall is being pulled away. There does not appear to be a fair balance set for the town as people who visit Springfields may not even consider what the town centre has to offer.

I say to the council: “Don’t just sit back and let Spalding town centre rot, there is potential within our town, it just requires some forward thinking with the right initiative and actions.”

We see many run-down areas in our town that only add to the demise of what was once a lovely market town in the heart of Lincolnshire.

That was my quote and I don’t see it in that context anymore.

It saddens me to see it, the old sorting office down The Crescent, the Bull and Monkie pub on Cowbit Road, the old Johnson Hospital opposite the council offices. All been run down for years, surely it does not have to be like this?

If the South East Lincolnshire joint planning committee are looking forward to being active participants in the 
future prosperity of Springfields Outlet, just what are they looking forward to for Spalding town centre?

I do appreciate there is a lot of uncertainty at present with Brexit and with the lack of government funding for local councils, but what happened to all that EU funding which was allocated for infrastructure development for greater Lincolnshire? Surely it does not just disappear because of the referendum result?