YOUR VIEW: Don’t get ripped off by taxi drivers from other areas

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On Saturday, my husband got into a taxi at the taxi rank in New Road in Spalding.

The taxi had a neon light on the roof and was parked with all the other taxis in a queue.

He asked the driver to take him to Springfields, where I would join them for the taxi ride home.

Firstly, the driver did not know how to get to Springfields, meaning my husband had to direct him.

At Springfields, myself and two others got in for the drive home.

We had two stops en route to our house and again my husband had to navigate.

Prior to dropping our second friend home, we noticed that the meter said £11.40. From here, it was only a three-minute drive to our house.

When we got home, the driver asked for £20, at which point we noticed he had turned the meter off.

My husband and I challenged him on the cost of the journey, questioning how it could cost £8.60 to drive for three minutes.

He claimed we had not been looking at the meter, but the time.

We refused to give him £20, instead giving him £15 and getting out of the taxi.

We just want people to be aware, especially over the Christmas period, not to get ripped off by taxi drivers, who are probably coming in from other areas and are unfamiliar with our town. 
I have emailed South Holland District Council about the matter as I am sure he cannot be registered.