YOUR VIEW: Crimes should be treated the same

William 'Billy' Morris Gray ANL-160929-113755001
William 'Billy' Morris Gray ANL-160929-113755001
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I don’t get it.

If you deliberately point a shotgun at someone, the weapon would be confiscated and the right to own another would be permanently revoked.

But if you deliberately drive a car at an occupied vehicle, you’ll typically receive a paltry driving ban of a few years.

The police consider road vehicles to be dangerous weapons when in the hands of some. So why on Earth isn’t the punishment similar?

The current dangerous driving penalties don’t go anywhere near far enough.

We need a further offence of “dangerous driving with the intent to harm others”.

One that is treated in the same manner as any firearm offence.

EDITOR: Mr MacDonald is referring to the case of William Gray, formerly of Sutton St James, who was jailed for four years and banned from driving for three years, after threatening to kill and ramming his car deliberately into another car.