YOUR VIEW: Cowbit will need new school and surgery

Reader's letter
Reader's letter
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I have lived in Cowbit since 2002, having bought a property on the Curley Drive estate, off Backgate.

The estate was built by Broadgate Homes (a local builder). I do not know the number of properties on the estate, but imagine it must be in excess of 8o.

Soon after that, Alison Homes built another estate adjacent to the Broadgate estate. Now we have another estate off Backgate, being built by Ashwood Homes, consisting of 37 homes with the possibility of a further 80 homes, which is said to be within walking distance of, among other things, a school.

This school has two classrooms, so I understand, and is full to capacity at this present time.

I would like to know, having built all these new homes, when are they going to build a new school to accommodate all these new children who will be in living in Cowbit, and a medical centre for all these new inhabitants?

I should add that I am a pensioner, therefore, these issues do not affect me personally, but it seems to me that houses are not the only thing that need attention.