YOUR VIEW: Complaint against MP was unfounded

John Hayes MP
John Hayes MP
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I was very surprised to read your article in which Deeping St Nicholas Parish Council claimed that our MP, John Hayes, had not attended a debate on hare coursing in Parliament on March 7.

As a devoted follower of the Parliamentary channel, I know that, as a matter of fact, Mr Hayes did attend that debate and anyone else who follows Parliament will know how unusual it is for a Minister of the Crown to be present at an adjournment debate which is not in his ministerial area.

It goes to show how seriously he takes the subject that he took time out of his, no doubt, busy schedule to represent his constituents on this important issue.

John Hayes is well known as a parliamentary orator, admired (and often praised) across the House of Commons, but what people in South Holland know is that he is also a remarkable constituency MP, always about the area, taking up causes and fighting for the people.

Perhaps the Parish Council will look before they leap in future. Mr Hayes deserves better than low jibes so, having made frankly scurrilous comments about him without a proper grasp of the facts, will Mr Branton and Mr Rodwell at Deeping St Nicholas Parish Council now publish an apology.

EDITOR: Mr Hayes was , indeed, at the debate and the council did issue an apology, which we printed in last week’s Free Press.