YOUR VIEW: Can’t we all have a bit of light each?

Street light
Street light
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On the subject of street lighting, or the lack of it at night, I live down Clay Lake in Spalding and we have no street lights from the high school down to the river.

Yet when you head into town, you are met with a dozen or so of lights outside the council offices next to Ayscoughfee Gardens blazing away at 4am.

Then you have all the street lights for the car parks, plus about 20 lights at the new site in Cowbit Road.

If you continue on as if you are coming from Peterborough, you are plunged then into darkness, which is surely an accident waiting to happen.

Then you reach the old Cowbit roundabout and another 20 lights are ablaze.

When you go to Deeping St Nicholas, you are in darkness again on Policeman’s Corner. Why the disparity?

The rest of the village has new LED lights right through to Hop Pole.

What about the light pollution from businesses? The lights at the pallet yard in Deeping St Nicholas are so bright they shine over all the fields up to Policeman’s Corner.

Then there is the plant nursery in Horseshoe Road – at certain times of the year, you can see an orange glow all the way to Market Deeping.

Can’t we all share and have a little bit of light each?