YOUR VIEW: Arguments for washing out are compelling

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I am writing in response to a letter from Pauline Kent (Free Press, March 28) “Why should we wash out containers?”

Whilst I have some sympathy as it takes time from busy lives, can use extra water – an important resource which also comes at a cost – but the 
arguments in favour of ensuring maximum recycling of plastic, glass and other suitable waste are compelling.

South Holland District Council has advised that recyclable waste which is still contaminated with food etc cannot be used in the recycling process and just a few contaminated items can write off a whole batch.

The result is yet more landfill being dumped in our oceans. Recent studies and news items have highlighted just how serious the build-up of plastics and other dangerous waste has become to the food chain and our environment. We would never intentionally snack on bits of plastic or glass, but that is precisely what may now be happening every time we eat fish and sea food.

Busy lives and household costs are real, but so is doing our bit to protect the future of our planet, its resources and the health and wellbeing of future generations.

Contamination of the food chain is happening right now, so ‘future generations’ means our children and grandchildren. Let’s all take some 
responsibility and do our bit to try to protect them.