YOUR VIEW:Are you going to let them manipulate you?

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Reader's letter
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Thank you for publishing my letter in which I introduced Wojciech (Voyteck) Kowalewski, our Labour parliamentary candidate.

I was disappointed to receive scathing, negative and sceptical comments online from people with respect to the party that I hold dear.

It is incredible, in the full sense of the word, that ordinary people are not grasping as the lifeline the Labour manifesto offers in this cruel sea of austerity.

It appears that some local people blame the previous 
Labour government for all their woes rather than recognising that the Conservative/Lib-Dem coalition and subsequent Conservative government have chosen to follow a programme of austerity which has crushed us as a nation but impacted little on wealthy corporations, those with an income greater than £80,000-a-year and themselves.

Do remember, austerity (cuts) is a political choice and NOT a necessity. Incidentally, our national debt has RISEN despite these heinous measures.

It is staggering that we finally have an honest politician who stands shoulder to shoulder with all of us but some malcontents would prefer to inflict another five years of austerity on our nation rather than have Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister.

It suggests to me that the powerful press and media barons have successfully drip-fed bias and propaganda into your front rooms via your television and publications such as The Sun and Daily Mail.

Are you really going to let them manipulate you to such an extent that you vote against your own interest?

I remain ever hopeful that as a nation we will decide to vote for hope and #VoteLabour!