YOUR VIEW: A black flood risk mark against PE12

Flooding in Mallard Road.
Flooding in Mallard Road.
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I would like to respond to your article regarding Coun Richard Fairman and the Environment Agency.

In 2015, our building and contents insurance was going to be put up by 80 per cent on the strength of the flooding in Boston, despite the fact that we had not submitted a claim for years. We changed insurance company.

Just out of interest, I contacted our old insurer earlier this year to see what the premium would be if we switched.

I was told they wouldn’t insure us as we are classed as living in a very high risk area.

I asked the advisor if she could tell me how many claims they had for flooding in the PE12 postcode, but she couldn’t provide an answer.

Given that we are surrounded by farm land, we have to get a lot of rain in a short space of time, or endure an unbelievably wet winter for the this area to be at major risk.

I’m pretty sure that all insurance companies base there prices on risk factors.

If that is the case, surely everyone should pay a basic price, then they should do the rest on claims in that specific postcode, not just using PE12, which covers a huge area.

My heart goes out to the people in Mallard Road that got flooded in the summer when we had those big thunder storms, but why should our premium go up when we haven’t had a claim for years.

Don’t forget, there is a website ( which includes certain companies that have signed up to a scheme to help people who are having trouble finding an insurer.

I would love to know how many claims there have been due to flooding in this area.