YOUR VIEW: Street lights - dark helps burglars

South Kesteven District Council. EMN-150722-113405001
South Kesteven District Council. EMN-150722-113405001
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Earlier this year, South Kesteven District Council went to great lengths, and expense, by replacing our existing street lights with new energy-saving LED lights.

While these are very efficient, one wonders at the logic of switching them off at around midnight, thereby plunging the area into total darkness.

I appreciate that money is tight but with council tax rising year on year, this is a step too far in my opinion.

It hardly engenders feelings of safety in the community when the streets are pitch black, creating an ideal habitat for burglars and other nefarious criminals.

It will be interesting to review the crime figures at the end of this winter period to see what difference the lack of lights has made.