YOUR VIEW: Pennygate Foundation - two sides to the coin

Pennygate Foundation under fire from resident.
Pennygate Foundation under fire from resident.
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I refer to your front page article in the Spalding Guardian of February 2. While I recognise that the Pennygate Foundation is a very good idea and the work it does is excellent, I must take Brenda Wickham to task when she says she does not understand about planning permission.

She is a doctor and a magistrate. She must know full well that you have to have planning permission to put up such buildings. We live in Mansell Close where the rear of our bungalow and garden face the Pennygate Foundation.

For the last three years or so, we have seen the foundation putting up these mobile buildings, then extending them without planning permission,

and leaving them unfinished.

The site is like an untidy builders’ yard. The buildings are an eyesore which I see every morning when I open my curtains. The workmen often have a fire so we get the smell of it in our home, and on washing if any happens to be hanging outside.

Now we have a situation where Pennygate Foundation needs to put in a retrospective planning application. And Mrs Wickham is whinging that they cannot afford it. Had she gone about it properly in the first place she would not be having trouble now.

You also report that MP John Hayes and two of the South Holland District Councillors have pledged their support in talks between the planning department and the foundation trustees.

There are two sides to the coin and I would appreciate the views of my husband and myself to be considered.

Mrs I Perkins