YOUR VIEW: Laws are way too soft in the UK

Reader's letter
Reader's letter
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Regarding your story in last week’s Guardian (‘Shop loses alcohol licence over drugs’), this is disgraceful behaviour by foreign nationals.

We allow them in our country to give them the opportunity to improve their standard of living, but while some are honest and earn an honest living, others like these have no intention of doing so.

This is not the first of these European shops in our town that are not law abiding as there have been cases reported of selling illicit alcohol and cigarettes.

This has been going on for long enough and must be stopped.

From the very start we called for those unsightly posters they splatter across the shop front windows to be removed.

Many have been caught and still are able to trade – this is so wrong. The law needs changing so that another family member or known associate cannot resume trading in their place.

The laws are way too soft in this country and criminals should be hit hard so they think twice before getting involved in this behaviour. There should also be a levy on shopkeepers who sell alcohol and takeaway food, to help pay for the clearing of litter found around every street corner.

Spalding used to get awards for being the best kept town, not a chance now though... only for the one that closely resembles that of a sewer maybe.

And before the complaints start coming in thick and fast by the dogooders about me getting off my backside and clearing it up, I will say this: Use the waste bins provided then there would be no need for litter pickers.