YOUR VIEW: Area abused with litter, drink, drugs and graffiti

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The people who use the walkways around Vernatt’s Nature Reserve in Spalding have many concerns.

The people who use the walkways around Vernatt’s Nature Reserve in Spalding have many concerns.

The area is now almost overgrown, so walking the pathways is difficult, and the whole area is unkempt.

The rubbish problem has got better now that some of us locals are picking it up and are putting out plastic bags, and as a side issue these bags are no longer available free of charge so the rubbish will start to become a problem again.

There are two rubbish bins in the whole of the area and these are generally overflowing.

The picture above shows a stream which runs through the reserve and around Chiltern Drive Playing Field. It is generally blue in colour and smells of oil and petrol. One of my dogs went in and came out coloured blue. Children play in this area, this must be a hazard to us all.

This picture shows recent graffiti on the signs for the reserve which are disturbing.

This oneshows a child swing seat covered in bird droppings which is unusable, and most of the other swing seats in the park are disgusting.

The pond in the reserve is stagnant with rubbish floating in it.

It is obvious that this whole area is not policed in any way. The area is being abused, there is evidence of drug/drink taking in the park and groups and individuals living/being in the wooded areas. Women, in particular, walking their dogs have found some of this quite frightening.

The pathways on both sides of Vernatts in this area are totally overgrown and unusable. At least if these where cut back it would give us alternative walking areas.

This is the only park and wooded area for a large part of the population in this area that we have, and it is a disgrace.

South Holland District Council should be ashamed that they cannot keep our basic living/recreational areas clean and safe for us all to use. The local people are willing to play their part in keeping their environment clean and safe – let’s hope the council plays theirs.

Paddy Goslyn

via email