Your letters: Why do we have to use these bags?

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I am a resident of Holbeach Drove, I moved here from Bretton in Peterborough.

In Peterborough, about a 20-minute drive away, I get wheelie bins that I can load up and have regular collection of – for recycling I have two and for non recycle I have one.

When I came to Holbeach Drove it’s like I stepped back in time as I found I get plastic bags and these are used to recycle!

I cannot fathom why anyone would use plastic bags for recycling. I also find the wildlife love these bags and often tear them open for a munch on anything they can find.

The rates appear to be the same so I would have felt a similar service should be provided. Oh how wrong I have been.

I have lived with this and worked with the scheme, however, I have found that the delivery of the recycle bags is extremely bad that I can get them only twice a year from the council.

I have asked for more and been flatly refused and told to get them from the local library in Holbeach but this is about a 30-minute round trip so I would be better off not burning the fossil fuel and wasting my time on recycling at all.

Not only this but the library had no stock last time and since then each time I have passed the library they are closed as they are not open as often as is convenient.

After having called the council twice on this issue almost begging for the green plastic bags I have been informed that the rules are almost like an Act of Parliament and cannot be changed for any one single person.

So basically we need to get the rules changed to be better or more flexible as soon as possible. This annoying matter affects so many.

Terry King

Holbeach Drove

• A council spokesperson said: “There are a number of alternative options for residents who require more than 52 recycling sacks a year.

“Any coloured bag such as white swing bin liners or carrier bags can be used instead, as can cardboard boxes. The only bags which can’t be used are black or grey sacks.”