YOUR LETTERS: Where is all the wealth going?

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I was dismayed to read the letter from Long Sutton Parish Council (Spalding Guardian, July 23) which stated that “the strain on infrastructure, such as schools, health centres and dentists is not considered a factor when (planning) applications are considered”.

Why ever not? Surely these are the most important factors when planning applications are made.

We in South Holland are overcrowded in every aspect of our infrastructure – schools, doctors (the queue outside Moulton Surgery forms before 7.30am if you want to see a doctor that day), dentists and traffic.

Much of the demand for new housing is driven by migrants, who make up a large proportion of our population.

The Government constantly tells us that migrants generate wealth.

If this is so, the Government and local councils should be using part of this supposed wealth to build the infrastructure that increased population demands.

Otherwise, the wealth is of no use to us, the residents, who suffer from inability to access health services, overcrowded schools, inadequate roads and parking, and higher house prices for local people. Where is this wealth going?

If the strain on infrastructure is not to be considered when planning applications are made, then what on Earth is?

South Holland is used to welcoming migrants, who have long formed an important part of the local workforce, but immigration – on the current, unfeasible scale – is damaging to every aspect of life, and we, the taxpayers, are the ones who suffer most and have the least say in shaping our communities.

Dr Elizabeth Stewart