YOUR LETTERS: We’ve all been put at risk

The Paris attacks
The Paris attacks
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In last Tuesday’s Lincolnshire Free Press, John Hayes, writing in his weekly column, said “Together, we will defeat this evil”.

The evil, of course, is the terrorists, who have caused the atrocities we have seen in France.

Perhaps now we should ask ourselves when will the countries of Europe close their borders to the migration of thousands and thousands of people coming in from Syria without scrupulous checks.

While it is sad to see those in need, surely the men of Syria should be standing shoulder to shoulder to fight for their homeland – like our men and boys did during two world wars.

ISIS has led this stampede and used it as a vehicle to manoeuvre the terrorists into prime locations, and they’re succeeding thanks to all the do-gooders who think the refugees should all be welcomed with open arms.

To you do-gooders, I say you have blood on your hands, you’ve put us all at risk, enough is enough.