YOUR LETTERS: We are not all in this together

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Following your paper’s report regarding the crash near Bourne last Friday that left a 19-year-old man in hospital with serious injuries, I felt compelled to write to say that my husband, an off-duty firefighter, was actually one of the first on the scene and pulled the man to safety from the car in the water-logged ditch.

I am very proud of him because this is typical of his selflessness.

Those who work in our emergency services and armed services act with social conscience and are dedicated to their communities and country, yet the Government treats them so badly.

Cuts are pushed through regardless – the firefighters’ pension changes, policing cuts and now the junior doctors’ hours and pay are just some examples.

The real targets to help with the UK’s deficit should be large corporations that don’t pay tax, not the public sector which always seems to be the easy target.

We are constantly told we’re all in this together – rubbish.