Your letters: UKIP version of ‘working together’

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Criticising without a shred of evidence – it’s the UKIP way.

Paul Foyster, of UKIP, writes claiming that his party’s way is the right way and the rest of us are wrong and failing to serve the taxpayers. He claims that a political group running the council, inhibits good decision making. However, he fails to offer a single example of such failings. Perhaps he’s referring to the reduction in council tax we’ve made, for the fourth year running. Or maybe our policy of collecting household refuse and recycling every week – unlike many other councils – that’s providing poor service to our taxpayers.

His reference to a group of people ‘working together to make a difference’ is comical, given UKIP’s farcical performance at Lincolnshire County Council. Initially, as the largest minority group, UKIP were holding the balance of power and able to influence in the decision making process. However, they very quickly showed their amateurishness, with an internal cat fight fragmenting their ‘group’ into two ineffective and virtually pointless minority groups. So that’s the UKIP version of people working together, for the benefit of the taxpayers is it Mr Foyster?

He also suggests that the level of campaigning by the Conservatives, indicates our concern about the threat. Nothing could be further from the truth. We don’t panic in elections, we just work hard at getting our message out, something that his party seems to think they don’t need to do, based on my own experience during the county council elections. Is this arrogance on their part, or are they just too lazy to do the work and leave it to their national leader to do their publicity for them, via the tabloid press and TV?

My message to the voters of South Holland is a simple one. Look at the record of UKIP in South Holland to date and how they’ve been dysfunctional and virtually invisible at the county council. Now decide if you want the same outcomes for South Holland District Council over the next four years.

Roger Gambba-Jones

Conservative Party candidate