YOUR LETTERS: Traffic often too slow on A1073

The A1073
The A1073
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Regarding the A1073, it would appear that drivers are once again going to be penalised if average speed cameras are installed.

When the new road opened, there was much anticipation as it was hoped it would help to make journeys quicker.

I believe that some drivers do tend to put their foot down a little, but am I the only one who isn’t able to do even the average speed limit as I always get stuck behind a slow-moving car or lorry, usually doing around 40mph?

I do not like this road due to the casualties that have occurred on it.

In the Free Press on Tuesday, October 28, it asks what went wrong? The obvious solution would have been to spend a little more money and make the road dual carriageway in some areas to help relieve frustration.

Also, instead of penalising speeding drivers, why not crack down on vehicles doing just 40mph on this road? It is clearly a road where you can do 50 to 60mph.

This would not only prevent frustration from other drivers, but could also cut accidents, too.