YOUR LETTERS: Speeding in Spalding Road, Holbeach

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I am writing to ask for urgent action regarding the 40mph speed limit on Spalding Road in Holbeach.

This comes after my five-year-old son and I had a near-miss earlier this year when a car was hit after pulling out of Langwith Drive.

The driver lost control, spun and mounted the path opposite, where my son and I were walking home from school. We had to leap out of the way to avoid being hit.

My son still squeezes my hand in terror every time a car goes past us on walking to and from school.

If the speed limit was lower on Spalding Road, the car in question may have had time to brake – and certainly its stopping distance would have been less.

Having lived in Holbeach my entire life, I am aware that there are many accidents along this stretch of road, with William Stukely Primary School close by.

I have witnessed many serious accidents at the Langwith Drive junction and at least three where cars have mounted the pavements, narrowly missing pedestrians.

On one occasion, a car went through my neighbour’s brick wall. Another narrowly missed schoolchildren and parents walking home.

I have looked into the laws and guidance around speed limits along restricted roads and how these are set.

I would suggest the limit down Spalding Road is incorrect and needs looking at as a matter of some urgency before a child or other vulnerable user is killed or seriously injured.

At present, there are two major developments proposed in Holbeach for some 1,800 homes, meaning that traffic and congestion is only going to get worse.

Should the council give permission for these developments, this will add up to 4,000 extra cars into Holbeach, increasing the risk to the vulnerable road users.

Can I please suggest that the speed limit along Spalding Road is looked into as a matter of urgency before someone is hurt.