YOUR LETTERS: Rural areas treated poorly

Paul Foyster
Paul Foyster
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During the last few months, I’ve had casework that involves the county council and it’s not been a happy experience.

Information is hard to extract, sometimes misleading and the default answer to any request seems to be a polite form of “No, go away and stop bothering us”.

This is admittedly not entirely the council’s fault, with financial support from the Government again being heavily cut.

I’m told that the county’s budget next year may be half what it was just two years ago, with Lincolnshire among the worst hit councils in the country. This is a terrifying prospect.

Libraries and local rubbish recycling points will be just the tip of a very big iceberg. There will be knock-on effects for our district council, too.

All this at a time when our population and demand for services is rapidly growing.

We have a Conservative MP and Conservative-led councils fond of claiming that a Tory affiliation is some sort of advantage. In fact, it seems to achieve exactly the opposite.

We are taken for granted, in the same way that banks, energy suppliers and insurance firms regard loyal customers as prime targets for price increases.

Ordinary people are being punished for the ineptitude of politicians and the greed of the financial industry.

Local politicians who claim they have influence in high places must start to use it, even if it goes against party policy.

All of us have to become a lot more vocal in our opinions about how poorly the present administration treats rural areas like ours.