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I refer to the letter from Tom Bell of Pinchbeck, published in March 25’s Free Press, regarding the planning application for Wardentree Lane. I wonder where in Pinchbeck this man lives.

I have lived on Wardentree Lane for over 30 years and to judge that there is no wildlife by merely walking past and driving past is quite frankly preposterous.

I will merely list the wildlife that have inhabited the field and surrounding dykes and hedgerows: foxes, muntjacks, badgers, stoats, weasels, water voles, frogs, toads,newts, sparrow hawks, herons, ducks, kingfishers, woodpeckers, owls, numerous varieties of birds, butterflies and moths, not to mention the unseen insects.

For a small plot of land I would say that is teeming.

Turning to the increased traffic, perhaps Mr Bell would like to live on Wardentree Lane and attempt to pull in and out of our drive on a regular basis when you take your life in your hands due to a ludicrous blind bend in the road and lack of any control over speeding.

While it may be easy for him to drive up and down on a daily basis the reality of living on the road is a completely different matter and even more traffic flow must be considered in this application.

Carlton Williams