YOUR LETTERS: Pay policy gets my vote

Matthew Mahabadi and Rodney Sadd in Spalding ANL-150403-105916001
Matthew Mahabadi and Rodney Sadd in Spalding ANL-150403-105916001
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Regarding today’s elections for the role of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire. I had my reservations about the role after the previous PCC Alan Hardwick suspended the police chief and a lot of money, in my opinion, was wasted during his suspension.

This situation did not leave me with any confidence and I had questioned the large salary that the role brings. Would it not be better spent on more local policing, which might be of more added value to the tax payer?

But I have had a change of heart, after reading Lucinda Preston’s election address. I think this candidate is like a breath of fresh air to the role.

Regarding my concern over the annual salary, Lucinda has it in the bag for me. Lucinda will cut her own salary and divert the funds for supporting local community projects that will be aimed at engaging with the young people who are at risk of offending.

So, during the course of her term, £80,000 of extra funding would be made available and existing organisations would be able to express their interests to support this great initiative.

Also, her campaign will focus on fighting the proposed county council cuts to police funding and protecting support for the most in need. People want to see more police presence in our rural areas. How can this be acheived by cutting police budgets?

I do realise this position is a non-­political one, but I will be supporting the Labour candidate because I feel the people of Lincolnshire deserve better.

I am confident that Lucinda will deliver her goals during the forthcoming term of office.

I will give Lucinda Preston my vote today.