YOUR LETTERS: Not learned from Weston Hills crash

The 2014 jet crash in Weston Hills
The 2014 jet crash in Weston Hills
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I was born in Gedney Hill in the early 1940s, so I’m not an outsider complaining about aeroplanes flying over our village.

I really thought they would have learnt a lesson, especially after crashing in Weston Hills, just missing the school.

Why on earth do they constantly decide to keep flying over Gedney Hill, going round and round in circles and making stupid screaming sounds?

I cannot for the life of me see how they can be practising or training.

I know they have to train to keep us safe, but do so in a safe place and not over villages.

There’s plenty of square miles between our village and the A47 over Ingerson Fen where there are very few houses.

Then, if they make a flying error, surely it would be far better in wide open spaces.

Don’t you think that would be common sense?