Your letters: Local Government reorganisation - Cunning plan has its faults

Should South Holland District Council become a unitary authority?
Should South Holland District Council become a unitary authority?
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Thank you for informing us of Whitehall’s propaganda ahead of its latest, cunning plan.

Chopping off South Humberside from Lincolnshire in 1974 was stupid. Admitting its error, Whitehall scrapped Beverly-based Humberside County Council in 1996.

South Humberside now has two all-purpose unitary councils, based on Grimsby and Scunthorpe.

After this costly shambles, parliamentary officials have revealed another cunning plan to breed yet more deck chairs.

They propose a third layer of local government on top of the existing mess of county, district and unitary councils.

The equivalent of Whitehall’s bribe of £15 per head of the 1 million population is likely to be deducted from the annual grants received by the 10 councils.

In a further slap in the face, it now seeks to rename us all as being from Greater Lincolnshire.

How kind. I prefer historic Lincolnshire or, in due course, Lincolnshire.

These Whitehall knaves take for fools us folks born in Lincolnshire.

There is nothing in these combined authority proposals which cannot be more easily and efficiently achieved by the existing mess of pottage.

Please consider this. Deck chairs can be removed to reduce the existing duplication and empire building.

Scrap Lincolnshire County Council. Make the district councils all-purpose unitary councils, like little Rutland.

This could remove about 160 elected councillors who are part of the deck chair problem.

This will save cash and improve quality.

It will also bring councils closer to their customers.

Small technical groups to co-ordinate cross-boundary best practice and joint issues may be wise?

Perhaps each unitary authority might even learn to love its neighbours?

Egerton Gilman