YOUR LETTERS: Guardian columnist is so funny

John Ward organises the cabbage hurling.
John Ward organises the cabbage hurling.
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How I laughed reading the latest column from John Ward and his description of his first working days and jobs.

I noted that he is intending to write a book about his time working in a cinema as a projectionist. If this is the case, I will gladly buy a couple of copies.

Some relatives of mine from Cambridge were on holiday in Dorset last year and heard John on the local radio station. He was talking about the cabbage hurling event held at Holbeach Show each year.

They thought he was very entertaining, so asked if I could send his weekly column on to them.

Discussing the radio interview among friends here, they find it strange that he has never been heard on our own local radio considering how long he has lived here.

Regardless, his columns more than make up for this minor point as we wait for the next one to arrive for our weekly chuckle.