YOUR LETTERS: Fresh twist in ill-fated Sutton Bridge marina saga

Chris Brandon-King
Chris Brandon-King
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Here we are again – yet more delays in the Sutton Bridge marina saga.

I noticed in the Lincolnshire Free Press of November 17, a notice under the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 that Fenland District Council is only now applying to install a marina and commercial mooring station in Sutton Bridge.

Why is Fenland District Council applying? I understood that the long delayed project was being managed by Lincolnshire County Council.

Is the county council passing section 106 funds over to Fenland? Will Fenland District Council be the only organisation to benefit from the spending of funds due to Sutton Bridge?

Nobody has yet been able to explain to me and others how the marina will benefit Sutton Bridge, apart from changing the west bank.

Claims of business development and a financial spin-off of up to £200,000 per year still do not stack 

Is it too late to scrap this ill-fated and badly thought out project?

Any other use of the money would be better, benefitting the people, rather than a few boat owners and commercial users who, apart from their mooring fees, will contribute nothing to the village.