YOUR LETTERS: French lead the way?

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We recently enjoyed some time in France. There were two aspects of their community life which we just wish could be copied in the UK.

The first was the almost complete absence of litter. And the second was the way that shops and stores all closed on Sundays by about 12.30pm.

The French know the value of families eating together. French children absorb so much from listening and being part of family life.

I am therefore appalled that the Government is now intending to remove the six-hour Sunday opening rule.

Who really needs longer shopping hours? If shops never closed, people wouldn’t have any more to spend.

I’m afraid we have to suspect that it is our method of political party funding that is allowing these strings to be pulled.

It’s all very well claiming that local authorities can decide these matters, but once one authority removes the six-hour limit, then all the neighbouring councils will have to follow.

This change in trading laws was never mentioned in the party manifesto; it’s just being imposed on us.

It appears that the Government only pays lip service to the importance of family life.

Some time ago, a local survey showed that one household in eight has members involved in the retail industry.

Besides, Sunday should be our “day of rest” when the streets are quieter.

David Hill