Your letters: Film to get men talking about health

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British men are notorious for their reserve when it comes to discussing health matters, and Men’s Health Week (June 15 to 21) is a perfect time to start talking.

Men can be especially shy about issues below the waistline.

While difficulties like constipation can be the result of stress, poor diet or certain medications, changes to bowel habits can sometimes be indicators of more serious problems.

It’s very important that men take control of their health and are more open in talking about concerns.

In my 40-plus years working with people in the health arena, I’ve found humour can be a great way to start a conversation about issues we might find embarrassing.

Stand Up, Sit Down is a new short film from Dulcolax, featuring four of the UK’s brightest, up-and-coming comedians cracking jokes about the ‘poo taboo’ and discussing men’s reluctance to talk about not being able to go.

Shared experience is so important in feeling confident to talk and I hope this film helps men to recognise, act on and discuss any bowel health concerns they may have.

Professor Alex Gardner

Chartered psychologist

and psychotherapist