YOUR LETTERS: Campaign of fear over EU

EU flag.
EU flag.
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So C N Westerman, it’s unintelligent and stupid to ignore the ‘well informed’ citizens who caution against leaving the EU.

Are these the same ‘well informed’ citizens who predicted the loss of millions of jobs if we didn’t join the single currency. What a prophecy that turned out to be. Of course, there is a campaign of fear being waged to frighten us into voting to stay in.

As for rejecting friends, I know from talking to a farmer in New Zealand some years ago, how angry and betrayed they felt about the way we treated them after we joined the EU.

He went on to say that in hindsight it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. They had to find new, and as it turned out, more lucrative markets for their products. New Zealand fought beside us in two world wars. Now that’s true friendship.