YOUR LETTERS: A brighter future exists outside the EU

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EU flag ANL-150307-182123001
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I find it rather strange when Mr Turp has to sink to insults to support the rather feeble case he has presented for staying in the European Union.

NATO was established in 1949 long before the EU, and the strongest member of the alliance – the USA – is not even in the EU, nor is Canada.

As many American generals and former heads of the CIA have pointed out, a British vote to leave will have no impact whatsoever on how NATO operates now, or in the future.

Contrary to the flimsy clap trap spouted by him, the safer option for Britain’s security and defence is for us to leave the failing EU.

When the former Yugoslavia descended into war, the EU was paralysed by inaction, even though genocide and mass murder were taking place in its own back yard. It took US and British leadership through NATO to bring peace to the Balkans.

A similar example is the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and its continuing division, and more lately its inability to handle the migrant crisis.

Do we really want to be a part of an organisation so inept that it cannot protect its own external borders, allowing Islamist sleeper cells into Europe so they can move bombs and arms around Europe with impunity?

The safer option is for Britain to leave the EU and retake control of our borders so we can decide who is, and isn’t, allowed into the UK.

Yes, immigration can be good for Britain, but only if it is controlled and we can operate a points-based system like our English speaking cousins in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.

We can only do that if we leave the EU.

Surely, it is the stay camp that is mad if they really believe that we can continue to have 350,000 people – a Coventry-sized city – settling in the UK each year.

Such numbers will put huge pressure on our public services – the NHS, GP surgeries, schools, our benefits system, roads and housing.

Of course, the big elephant in the room is what will happen when Turkey, Albania and the former Yugoslavia join the EU in five years.

In an instant, an extra 100 million people will have the right to live and work in Britain as EU citizens.

They said it wouldn’t happen with the eastern European countries, but millions have arrived in this country over the last 12 years.

I think the prospect of Turkey joining the EU presents a clear and present danger to the security of Britain because it borders some of the most unstable and dangerous countries in the world.

Make no mistake, Turkey’s porous border will be like holding the door open for all those who wish Britain harm.

Mr Turp seems to think that we are a tiny, weak island that cannot survive on its own, just as Napoleon suggested and Hitler thought when he had conquered the rest of Europe.

Well, Mr Turp, I have some news for you – Great Britain’s economy is the fifth largest in the world; with the world’s fourth largest defence budget and the strongest military in Europe.

We are a leading and founding member of NATO, a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, head of the Commonwealth and we have the best intelligence services and special forces in the world.

The UK is home to a disproportionate number of the world’s leading universities and, as a nation, has made more discoveries and inventions than any other country on Earth.

We should be proud of the fact that we once had the largest empire that also spawned the world’s largest democracy, India. Not bad, for a tiny island.

We may no longer be the world’s only superpower – we have passed that baton to our English speaking cousin, the USA, but we have been here before with Europe.

We heard all these same scare stories when we refused to take up the poisoned chalice that is the Euro, but Britain and our economy is all the better for not joining, just as we will be for voting to leave the EU.

The EU can keep their basket case currency, and they can keep their unelected, unaccountable, gravy train-riding Eurocrats, because we are Great Britain and our future will be brighter and safer if we choose to leave.

Mr Turp may want to go down with the Titanic, but I am manning the lifeboats for a safer, brighter future outside the European Union.