YOUR IDEAS: Same old grot spots need action

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These are more ‘little ideas’ but would make a big difference:

More litter bins please, especially on ‘walking routes’, eg West Elloe corner to Pinchbeck road lights; the stretch alongside the Chappell Centre is always littered with cans and take-away cartons.

Also bins alongside the ‘poo’ bins at Vernatts, the path from the bridge to Blue Gowt Drove is a disgrace with discarded bottles and lager cans (easy option to just throw them in the grass and dyke).

Notices about litter dropping in various languages posted in and around the town, to include cigarette ends dropped (Hole in the Wall passage especially bad).

What about a skip in various different locations so unwanted items can be disposed of there, instead of just left anywhere for the council to clear up. The ‘same old’ grot spots need to have something done about them too.

Mrs C Williamson