You should have built a car park and got traffic moving first

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The Red Lion coffee shop/restaurant – well, well, what do you know – the little people who work there being blamed for it’s demise.

However, in reality it lies soley with those councillors who squandered £6 million pound on it in the first place.

The town does need regenerating but try starting in the right place.

This coffee shop’s closure is more to do with having nobody coming in to town in the first place and why would they when their is only a handful of shops and nowhere to park?

Only a couple of weeks ago I read that we are going to get several traffic wardens to ticket illegal parking – excellent, that will certainly encourage outsiders to shop here.

Here are two tips for those councillors who have not worked it out yet:

1 – Build a car park where you can stay all day if you want to;

2 – Get traffic moving.

I suggested it before and I am bringing it to your attention again – shut the lights off at the Station Gates pub and those next to it and introduce a temporary mobile roundabout.

Do the same at the top of St Thomas’ Road, but don’t go wasting taxpayers’ money by digging up the road just yet.

And just before you say you don’t want to upset the locals believe me the locals are already upset and I’m one of them.

When the traffic has been sorted then introduce and encourage new business to town – you may find it might just work.

NEIL Bingham