Yet another instance of parish council pouring public money down the drain

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In 2010 when it was discovered Moulton Parish Council had failed to ensure its clerk had kept proper accounts or submitted completed annual returns since 2002, Coun Geoff Cooper, the then chairman, claimed this would not cost anything to rectify.

Subsequently Coun Cooper had to admit there would be extra audit costs in excess of £5,000, but stated this would be paid from the profits of renting out the holdings and allotments leased from the Crown Estate and he gave an assurance that money from the precept would not be used for this purpose.

The minutes of the annual parish meeting in April 2011 (only made available to the public this April) reveal some precept money was used to pay for the extra audit costs.

At this month’s meeting, Coun Wakefield, when asked for clarification, refused to comment, stating it was “water under the bridge”.

I make no apology for offering an alternative view – that this was yet another instance of Moulton Parish Council “pouring public money down the drain’” as a result of their gross neglect and lack of financial competence.

Peter Breach

Pipwell Gate

Moulton Seas End