Wrong one being fined?

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My contract law is a bit rusty but if I recall correctly contract conditions cannot be transferred.

So this pursuit by Napier Parking Ltd of a supposed breach of contract is with the kind stranger that passed on their parking ticket and has nothing whatsoever to do with Lynda Double. As a result, couldn’t it be argued that Napier is claiming money from Lynda under false pretences?

I’m sure most of us consider car park management companies have little in the way of ethical standards so are unlikely to change their practices without external influence.

Maybe the best approach is to penalise those that employ their services.

How about boycotting the likes of Beales and other retailers that don’t take responsibility for the actions of these suppliers? That, or at least voice your opinion when in-store.

After all, most proclaim their customer service standards, so shouldn’t they live up to them?

Andrew MacDonald