Writer should be ashamed – and we should embrace multi-cultural society

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It was with great sadness that I read the letter about the “immigrant” population in South Holland which was printed last week.

Whoever wrote this letter bearing my name should be ashamed of their actions and recognise that the opinions outlined could not be further from my own personal view point.

I would like to thank my many friends from all nationalities that immediately recognised the malicious nature of the letter and called me in total support.

I firmly believe in the concept of opportunity for all which is not limited by nationality, skin colour or sex and anyone who has had the opportunity to work alongside me will know this to be true.

I have received exceptional service from the local police who have taken the protected original copy for forensic analysis at their specialist laboratory in Derby.

I truly hope that the inhabitants of South Holland can continue to live in harmony together and that we all recognise the strengths and benefits of a rich multi-cultural community.



EDITOR: We sincerely apologise to Mr Van Lier for any inconvenience caused by the original, cowardly letter, which carried an addressand phone number.