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Thought for the week

I love Christmas but not all of it. I was trying to find a house to see someone after dark recently and I had to navigate around a car pulling a trailer with Father Christmas on the back. From the loudspeakers on either side blasted the distorted noise of ‘Christmas Hits’, which was painfully loud as I walked by. And yet, families had come out from their homes. Children with coats over their pyjamas were smiling to see Santa Claus. The men with him were collecting with buckets for charity and clearly enjoying themselves. But I just felt annoyed.

The following day a friend on Facebook directed me to a song on YouTube by Fascinating Aida, which is described as the rudest Christmas song ever. Using some very rude words it made the point that everyone is entitled to celebrate Christmas in the way they want. I took it to heart and felt ashamed of my reaction the night before. I shall spend a good part of Christmas Eve and Christmas morning leading worship in church, rejoicing in the birth of Jesus. I hope that whatever you do this Christmas, it brings you joy, peace and happiness.

John Bennett

Vicar of St Mary and St Nicolas, Spalding