WIND TURBINES: Rather see them than a power station

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I did enjoy the superimposed wind turbines in last week’s letters’ page and thought how good they looked.

From my house I can only see the gas power station at sunset either belching steam or sulphurous looking mustard-coloured gas.

I for one would sooner be down wind of a wind turbine than a fossil fuel power station, or within fallout of a nuclear facility if we have an accident.

I am puzzled by (local MP) John Hayes’ logic of anti-turbine whilst he lives in the shadow of Moulton wind turbine.

He has been very supportive of Moulton windmill but does not want the rest of us to be able to enjoy the relaxing views.

A babbling brook and crashing waves have always been relaxing.

Charlie Rawlings

Austendyke Road

Weston Hills