WIND TURBINES: Keep up the good work Mr Hayes

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The hard work our MP John Hayes has put in on our behalf to oppose the march of wind turbines across our countryside has been justly rewarded by the votes of his fellow MPs and peers – he deserves our congratulations and thanks.

We are very fortunate to have an MP who actually listens to the people he represents and does his best to deal with their problems.

The elements that effect our lives such as sunshine, wind, wave and tide are all free – it seems to be the construction, placing and maintenance that is costing so much, for so little return. These things are variable and unreliable and so our energy bills increase.

It seems a few locations in Lincolnshire may now see fracking carried out in this relentless search for energy.

Maybe we are all NIMBYS in one way or another but the fact is, we can’t live without it. Keep up the good work John, we will no doubt need you for some time yet.

Eileen Cole

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