WIND TURBINES: An MP that’s not full of wind

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I’m not accustomed to writing letters of praise about MPs of any party. But for our local MP I’ll make an exception and might even be persuaded to cast a vote for him at the next election.

John Hayes should be applauded for his stand on green issues and the environment. It’s all too easy to be suckered into believing that wind turbines are a panacea for saving the planet, whereas in fact the stark truth is that they do more harm than good.

They are a danger to wildlife, potentially hazardous to health and are an infringement of residents’ and visitors’ rights to enjoy the amenities of the area unimpeded by “industrial structures.” This is nowhere more pertinent than in our haunting, nature-rich landscape of distant horizons, so I’m delighted that John Hayes is determined to fight their proliferation.

Wind turbines are not economic for us. Because of subsidies, they ARE economic for the power companies (in search of even bigger profits) and they ARE economic for industrial-scale agricultural enterprises seeking to improve profit and loss accounts. They are even economic for landowners looking to diversify and increase the value of land.

But they are not economic for you and me. Who pays the huge subsidies making these wind turbines an economic prospect? We do.

They come out of our taxes and in addition we pay a ‘green’ levy on our electricity bills which actually increases the amount of cash we have to part with every time we pay our energy bills.

The more that are built the less money is available for funding the poorer sections of society.

Prospective constructors of wind turbines claim they want to build them because they are anxious about the environment. Yet remove the subsidies and watch how suddenly the environment becomes of lesser concern. Applications will dry up, proving that it’s all about money that flows in one direction from you and me to them.

But John Hayes has said all this (or most of it) before and far more eloquently than I can.

Whether or not you’re accustomed to writing to an MP, write to him now.

Support his environment campaign because, as MPs go, he’s not bad at all and I believe he genuinely wants to represent the views of the people living in this area.

He says more wind turbines here are unwelcome – please let him know you agree.

Alan Kahn

Holbeach St Matthew