WIND ROW: Trying to derail policy

Have your say

Lincolnshire County Council fails to understand why anyone would think it has a negative bias against onshore wind farms or would consider the survey printed in the County News not to be a fair reflection of public opinion.

Well, my understanding of the way to gauge public opinion is to randomly select a number of individuals and then to ask a set of clearly phrased questions.

The survey the county council produced was an invitation to those who had strong feelings to have their say.

It was pre-empted by months of anti wind farm rhetoric.

There were 4,000 responses to the survey and approximately 750,000 adults living in Lincolnshire so the survey had a response rate of about 0.5% – a low figure to argue that the results represent a fair view of the whole county.

The survey results showed almost unanimous support for the council guidelines to be considered by the planning authorities.

If you read and apply the guidelines to the seven wind farms in Lincolnshire then most would have failed to gain approval.National planning legislation demands “a presumption in favour of sustainable development”. The council guidelines require “a presumption against wind turbine developments”.

The point of the exercise is to attempt to derail government policy on the continued deployment of onshore wind farms and support the rebellious section of the Conservative party that do not believe global warming is an issue.

If you agree that the council should stop promoting a negative image of wind power sign the on line petition at

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