WIND FARMS: Let’s keep our countryside green

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I have seen (local MP John) Mr Hayes is against the windfarms and so am I.

They are overtaking the skies and the land.

This is Lincolnshire and we need to keep it as the countryside.

I would not like to live near one because of the noise and the obstruction they are causing.

It’s time Lincolnshire people got together and stopped the wind farms in our county.

At the end of the day what good are they when the wind stops blowing?

When they realise they are no good they will take them down – and look at the money that will be lost by them?

We need coal and gas power stations, not wind farms blotting the landscape of Lincolnshire,

We have coal underground and are still importing coal. It does not make sense – let us get our landscape back and our skiess back. Let’s keep the countryside green.

Paul Woods