WIND FARMS Buying you off with your own money

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Wind farms – you either love them, or you hate them. But from the large increase in votes given to UKIP at the recent Lincolnshire County Council elections, when stopping the growth of wind farms was one of our major policy issues, I suspect a large proportion of the South Holland electorate hate them.

So it came as no surprise to me, following an increasing dislike of the Conservative Party, and its love of wind farms, if they can’t beat us at the polls, they’ll buy you off with your own money.

A recent announcement from energy secretary Ed Davis says that those communities agreeing to the erection of wind farms will receive 20 per cent off their electricity bills, if they live within one mile of the wind farm.

What he failed to state was the money doled out to these residents will, just like that doled out to wealthy land owners for building the wind farms, come from the tax you have already paid to government.

Or by an increase in your electricity bills by companies eager to recover the payment. Money doesn’t grow on tree. We’re not fooled. It has to come from us somewhere, money that could be spent on a better ambulance service.

Live one-and-a quarter miles from a wind farm and you’ll still have to put up with its nuisance, but won’t receive a discount, whilst your neighbour might.

Perhaps the Conservative Party need lessons on how not to upset communities and neighbours.

Peter Bird

UKIP South Holland & The Deepings Branch, Chairman