WILDLIFE: Moth was a Pyrausta purpuralis

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Regarding the readers’ picture sent in by Bob Davis, published in last week’s Spalding Guardian.

Bob, your moth is Pyrausta purpuralis, one of two very similar pretty little micro moths of the Pyralid group whose caterpillars feed on mints, marjoram and other plants from that family.

They are both common and I have recorded them both from our garden in Spalding. No English names I’m afraid!

If you would like to pass the record on, probably the easiest thing to do is to post it on the Wildnews Bulletin, where the county recorder will pick it up.

You will need the location of your garden, date of record and if possible a six-figure grid reference, or otherwise your post code, though this isn’t so accurate. The address to send it to is rparsons@enterprise.net

Annette Faulkner

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