Why was letter written in English?

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I RECEIVED a letter about putting out domestic refuse and recycling at the correct times.

We have been living in Juniper Crescent since the estate was built and are well aware of the collection times.

This letter would have been better written in Polish, Latvian or Lithuanian as in most cases these people will not have been able to read the letter and will not care even if they could.

The letters we receive about Bank Holiday collections also fall on deaf ears as every public holiday the bags are still there.

Over the past few years, the increasing number of immigrants renting properties down Juniper Crescent has coincided with an increase in the number of bin bags being put out early.

These bags are then split open by cats and rats and the whole place looks like a pig sty.

In the park there is a three-piece suite, TV and old mattress dumped. This has been there since the new year even though we have reported it to the council.

This all fits in nicely with the empty foreign beer cans that are strewn all over the place. What a wonderful view I have from my front window.

Matt Blackbourn

Juniper Crescent