Why should farmers put up with them?

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I’m so pleased Anglian Water boss Peter Simpson has replied and that there have been no new reservoirs nor desalination plants built in the past 20 years, nor will there be any money spent on their eyesore water tower in Spalding.

I would now like to call on our MP John Hayes to begin an immediate renationalisation of Anglian Water.

I see from their published accounts, they buy and sell companies and make huge profits for their shareholders, yet very little of the profit it makes is invested in Lincolnshire’s ageing and ancient water infrastructure.

Given global warming has been around for decades, and given the two recent grim winters where rainfall has been so minimal, it’s about time someone with greater clout than us mere mortal bill-payers asked those who have the greater clout, to do something this year and create the national grid of water pipelines and all kinds of storage devices to capture said rainwater in Lincolnshire.

Why should our hard-working farmers and producers have to put up with this organisation.

Alan Long

St Thomas’s Road