Why put such a provocative image on your front page?

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What exactly is the justification for gratuitously publishing a provocative image of an extremely scantily-clad young woman on the cover of the Spalding Guardian of September 29?

You could easily advertise your promotion without publishing such an image, at least on the front cover where it is in full view of all, including minors, whether they want to read your publication or not.

There are myriad publications which cater for people whose tastes incline them in the direction of soft-core pornography.

If they go to their newsagents they will find at least a shelf-full of such magazines, plus certain national daily newspapers that regularly fuel such appetites.

You might ensure that such people actually have to spend money to get their fix, without being able to “cop an eyeful” by leering at the cover of the local newspaper for free.

Bombardment with these images, which are anyway prevalent, degrades women and encourages wrong attitudes among confused men, not to mention arguably encouraging sexual violence. So who on earth ever decided that we need local newspapers to assist this process?

What type of readers exactly do you mean to attract by such steps, and how do you intend in the future to retain their readership? Will you continue pandering to their tastes?

S Friedman

via email

EDITOR: Simply plugging a great competition. Nothing more, nothing less.