Why PCSOs and not police?

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SURELY the Chief Constable’s manpower figure (Spalding Guardian, July 26, ‘Lincolnshire’s chief constable in plea for cash’) includes PCSOs, which he does not mention.

Interestingly, his predecessor advised me that the starting salaries for newly-trained police officers and PCSOs are quite similar.

Without talking personalities, those PCSOs in Bourne are most pleasant and well received. That said, why not employ four/five police officers instead of the reported six PCSOs in Bourne and embrace the full spectrum of the law, instead of a relatively small part of it? Almost never does one see a police officer in Bourne.

One cannot visit the police station and speak with a police officer – it is necessary for a clerk to complete four sides of a proforma, which is then placed in a box for the first available police officer to review.

It is impossible for police officers to provide guidance and example for miscreant children, where lack of parental control has been exampled. However, police officers ‘on the beat’ would be the most welcome.


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