Why not use insomniacs to monitor our CCTV cameras?

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WHAT’S the point of having CCTV cameras if they are not constantly monitored?

What I fail to understand is why the powers that be are still using technology from the dark ages that limits monitoring to specific locations.

Fifteen years ago my company installed CCTV cameras, all of which could be simultaneously monitored by anyone with a PC and internet connection, plus software that would zoom to a camera that showed movement – perfect for night-time monitoring, when street crime is at its highest and existing monitoring centres are unlikely to be manned.

So how about combining the use of that technology along with a stable of suitably vetted and trained insomniacs that are willing to devote a few hours each week? They can be sitting in their own home, anywhere in the world and are likely to be far more interested in detecting crime rather than watching incessant reruns of Law and Order.

Forget upgrading camera technology for the time being and attempting to man additional archaic and expensive monitoring centres, and concentrate on utilising modern technology and the willingness of people to help.